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             If you’re looking to get professional, quality and affordable pictures, look no further than Aaron Meyers. Being the drummer in a band, I usually don’t get much attention from the media standpoint. It’s kind of something you learn to live with. Aaron, however, not only captured my band’s presence on the stage; he took the time and effort to make each member shine. The angles, lighting and staging in his photos are spot on. These elements can be especially hard to capture with the drummer. I sit behind a bunch of gear. Aaron took the liberty to get on the stage, peek through my equipment, and capture some phenomenal shots… all without taking away from the performance. The day after the show, Aaron managed to find my bandmates and myself on Facebook and shared some of the photos from that night. I was actually taken by surprise at how fast he followed up with us. He even gave us a few pictures on the house with no pressure to purchase the rest. Given the few samples we saw, we were sold and very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Aaron Meyers Photography for any occasion needing professional grade photos.    -  Nicholas P. of Destroy Louis

              My Fiance' and I were looking for a affordable wedding photographer on a short notice and Aaron contacted us from a ad we posted on Craigslist. Aaron had no experience with wedding photography but his confidence and his work in concert photography sold us. He remained in contact with us through out the few months before our wedding date. He was on time, very friendly and treated everyone with the up most respect. To much of our surprise Aaron brought along a second photographer at his same originally quoted rate. He processed all of our photos in less than 48 hours. We were so pleased with his level of professionalism and the photos that we doubled his rated.   - Tammy D. 

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